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Plot summary

Uploaded by: FREEMAN
October 07, 2022 at 03:56 PM


Top cast

Grace Fulton as Becky Connor
Mason Gooding as Dan Connor
Virginia Gardner as Shiloh Hunter
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as James Conner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic 8 / 10

I said "nope" more watching Fall, than the actual movie Nope

I really don't have a fear of heights, but this film sure made me realize that I just wasn't high enough to get scared. Co-writer, producer and director Scott Mann did a superb job filming this smart little thriller so well, I got vertigo, dizzy and an upset stomach in some scenes. Don't get me started on my constant anxiety and elevated blood pressure watching this. It's constant edge of your seat moments with great cinematography and special effects, that you'll actually feel like you're stuck up there with them.

The writing was tight and cohesive with excellent character development that helped in the suspenseful scenes. The few twists and turns were well led up-to and perfectly executed, albeit somewhat predictable. The 107 min runtime flew by with the spot-on pacing. Casting and performances were convincing all around.

My biggest issue was the poor sound editing; towards the end, the score is so loud and overbearing, it muffles the actors dialogue. Aside from that and a few plot and technical issues, this is one of the better survival films I've seen in a long time. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me.

Reviewed by Neptune165 5 / 10

Beck could have confronted her fears in therapy but here we are

Friend convinces friend to do something dangerous after a tragedy. Isn't this how THE DESCENT started? I think what kinda killed it for me was that I knew before I watched it that it was the same guy who made 47 Meters Down then as soon as we get to that scene and her friend starts acting differently I knew it was the exact same twist. I think the part that frustrates me about these movies is how you need to not apply logic. It can't be scary, because it's so stupid to go up that ladder with no plan b, not contacting someone about your climb, no one at the bottom in case of emergency. The list goes on. These are two stupid people who decided to do something incredibly. Stupid. So the tension is lost. It's no longer scary. It's pointless. So as a climber; this movie was technically wrong in almost all climbing aspects. And it all could have been fixed by asking a climber. Hell give them $100 for a consulting fee. To anyone thinking about making anything about a sport you don't know have extreme knowledge about; hire somebody in that sport. Don't make a skateboard movie without talking to skateboarders, don't make a football movie without talking to football players, and talk to climbers before you make a movie about climbing. The thing that I also find wrong with the movie is that they supposedly don't have cell-phone service when they're at max height but halfway down they have service! This is wrong because of the type of frequencies commonly used by cell-phones: VHF and UHF frequencies operate best at line of sight so the two girls really should have had even better cell-phone service at the height that they were at than at ground-level because they had no obstructions to the line-of-sight to a cell-phone network antenna! Oh well, I guess it's the movies which many times are not technically right!

Reviewed by chevolek 5 / 10

A Homage to Dumb YouTubers/Tik Tokers

This is a movie that has his ups and downs. It´s a homage to those dumb YouTubers/Tik Tokers who risk their lives in the most idiotic way possible.

It´s not good that one of the characters in the movie encourages people by saying you should risk your life doing death defying stunts like this because "Life is too short". Well, THAT is THE main reason to NOT risk your life, no matter how many followers and money you could get by risking your life.

It has some good suspenseful moments and most of the CGI is good.

Another downside of the movie is that it has the same plot twist as "47 Meters Down" (2017) and "Adrift" (2018). If you´ve seen those movies you will know what I´m talking about. "Vertical Limit" (2000) is also copycated here right at the beginning.

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