Marley & Me


Action / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 62%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.0/10 10 162297 162.3K

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Kathleen Turner as Ms. Kornblut
Owen Wilson as John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by myspiderungoliant 10 / 10

For all those who have ever loved and lost a faithful friend...

...bring a box of tissues, because those who have loved and eventually had to make the painful decision of letting our best friends go this movie will touch a nerve, and remind us all why we love our pets.

The plot of the movie is actually a very basic one. Journalist John Grogan gets his wife a puppy to take his wife's mind off kids, and their lives are never the same for it. We watch Marley grow into a ninety pound, underwear stealing, jewelry eating, drywall chewing wrecking ball, but we also see his unconditional love for his family, through the good times and the bad. And in we end, we see the inevitable end of Marley's long life and his family's loss at having to let him go.

There are many funny moments in this movie, but this is by no means a Beethoven knockoff canine-comedy. This is a story of life, and a story of love in spite of difficulty, and this is the story that many people have shared as they have watched a beloved pet grow old and die.

This movie was not just about Marley; this movie was about my neighbors lab Rex who died of cancer, my grandparent's dog Sooner who my last memories were of him struggling up the stairs with arthritis in both hips, and of my best childhood friend Skipper who tragically lost his life to an automobile.

The insensitive will see this as a cute movie but nothing more. The rest of us will need some time to regain our composure before we attempt to drive home. Once you get home, take your dog for a walk, throw a few balls, and tell them what good dogs they are. You'll definitely regret it if you don't.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 8 / 10

An intelligent, heartfelt comedy / drama...but be prepared to sob.

Owen Wilson is typically amiable as John Grogan, a young man with aspirations of being a reporter, but whose life takes a different turn. He ends up taking over for a columnist, and his pieces prove to be a big hit, especially when he regales readers with his uproarious tales of trying to look after his incorrigible but endearing yellow lab, Marley. The film takes us through the various stages of life for John and his wife Jenny (Jennifer Aniston, very appealing as always), with Marley being the one constant.

If this WERE just the story of a loveably crazy, misbehaving canine, "Marley & Me" would still be entertaining, but it wouldn't have the same amount of staying power. Because ultimately, it's about subjects relatable to MANY people: getting that first big job, starting married life, becoming parents, dealing with other major life changes, etc. It's an effective film balancing the sometimes very funny wacky comedy of Marley's misadventures with more serious and poignant moments.

Through it all, John and Jenny remain a likeable, average, good-hearted couple dealing with the various ups and downs of their lives and careers. The film boasts a solid supporting cast: Eric Dane as Johns' shameless, bachelor friend who regularly gets more prestigious assignments, Alan Arkin as their supportive boss, a nearly unrecognizable Kathleen Turner as instructor in a dog obedience class, Ann Dowd as a veterinarian, and Clarke Peters as an editor. The various canines playing Marley from age to age are all wonderful, as well, giving us a very memorable canine character to add to the canon of family entertainment.

Granted, this does feel quite manipulative at times, and soft touches and pet lovers should be forewarned: Marley's life is followed all the way to the end. It's advised that viewers have plenty of hankies on hand.

Provided that the audience is ready for a good cry, this is one genuinely interesting mix of humour and heart that this viewer would recommend to others.

Eight out of 10.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 8 / 10

Puppy power!!!

At 3 months, oh you are so cute! At 2 years, wow, you have so much energy. At 4, did you just pee on the carpet again? At 7, you're my best friend! And sometime after 10, what I'd do to go through all that again. Dogs are a necessary existence for many of people, and from Rin Tin Tin to Lassie to Old Yeller to even Scooby Doo, there's a reason why they are called man's best friend.

For Owen Wilson, well, he looks like a dog in human form, sort of dorky, rather clumsy, yet smart and funny without realizing it. He's married to Jennifer Aniston here, an actress I've on occasion found lacking warmth and sort of unpassionate on screen. So it's obvious from the start that she'll be cool to the idea of a puppy, yet in time, it will grow on her no matter what she indicates out of frustration over the years. She does manage to warm up somewhat after tantrum throwing towards Wilson that briefly strains their marriage, and by the end of the film, you realize that this trouble-making mini horse is as important to her as their three children.

Puppies are adorable and affectionate on the first meeting, but once they are adopted, their mischievous nature comes out, and Marley is no exception. Puppies also grow, annoy neighbors by howling when they're alone, eat their fill of kibble, and pee and poop at will. But once you've got that first taste of puppy breath, you're hooked, no matter how foul it is. A very funny cameo by Kathleen Turner shows an unsuccessful attempt to train the fast growing pooch. The always likable Alan Arkin plays Wilson's understanding Lou Grant like boss. Alec Mapa has a funny cameo as a rather obnoxious dog owner on the dog beach who judgmentally tries to tell Wilson a thing or two about what's permitted on the beach and what is not.

This comedy drama documents all of those emotions, and while it takes time, the puppy is as much a part of the family as the babies they have. Of course, the three children they have see nothing but perfection in this messy but lovable lab, not at all impacted by its largeness as the dog watcher they hire ends up being. Marley isn't a slobbering mess like Beethoven or Turner's "Hooch", just a free spirit you can't help but fall in love with. Grab your Kleenex and go to town balling your eyes out, 'cause you will be crying both from laughing and from exploring many emotions over the circle of life that comes around for all dogs.

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