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Nelson Leis as Waxed Mustache
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Her-Excellency 8 / 10

One of the BEST Predator Sequels

Not only did the Predator franchise finally achieve a WIN in terms of meeting and exceeding the buzz and excitement of the original film, they created a film that could take on the buzz and "hype" others in the franchise have generated, but were unable to live up to.

The cinematography, narrative, framework, story and plot were good to top-tier, the dialogue was simple but effective, the costumes and locales were great, CGI was well-done.

YES, yes, yes; granted, for it to have been a "better" film, one or two more Predator kills would have been excellent, but the absence of easy or gratuitous kills makes it a more fleshed out and almost 'adult' and realistic (if that can be said about a Predator film), movie, than if the feel-good kills had been there. Finally, the fact that the villains were French instead of American seemed like a huge cop-out to me, but all-in-all, this film is worth watching and then leaving an HONEST review and rating on. MORE SO, it is worth watching without a preconceived notion of what it should be, or what gender the hero should be. The fact that there are SO MANY non-thought-out, simply vomited-out comments for this film is truly sad. It's sad that some individuals will ALWAYS find something to complain about or not like about anything they are predisposed to not understanding.

The franchise itself is built upon the premise that NO ONE is strong enough to go against a Predator one-on-one and that it is not only in teamwork, but with BRAINS that they might be brought down. But nooooooo .... make the main protagonist a girl, and somehow that just doesn't seem right. Sadly, the point that the low-rating non-thinkers miss, is that the ONLY "female empowerment" they are describing in their mewling reviews, is actually called "THINKING". She both outthought and outplayed the Predator (she did not outpower it), and did so while being underestimated. Quite THE deadly combination. In fact, based on some of the reviews, half the reviewers would fold if they needed to match up to one of these Predators in a battle of wits. :)

In short, regardless of the negative reviews, this is a film that SHOULD garner praise precisely because it is much better than most Predator sequels. It is not as ... impressive ... as the original, however. I don't believe it was meant to be.

Lastly, the dog lives. Gotta give it to a film that knows what we love.

7.5 out of 10.

Reviewed by cyguration 3 / 10

Could Have Been Great Had They Kept It Realistic

There are a lot of reviews here defending this film, calling it the "Second best Predator film!" in the franchise, and throwing around a lot of buzzwords for anyone who doesn't like the film. There are also an incalculable amount of individuals defending the main character, Naru, saying she relied on her wits and tactics to win fights, and that's what makes her believable. That's only partially true.

See, Naru literally has the strength of three men (if you watch the film you'll know what I mean). Can survive physical traumas no other character in the Predator franchise was able to survive, and can move as fast as a small sedan. She does use some tactics, but most of all her feats are of the physical variety, and literally in the realm of being a super human the likes of which would make Captain America jealous.

Without spoiling anything, it's simply that Naru survives things she shouldn't survive, and can do things multiple times outside her weight class to the point where the suspension of disbelief is not only shattered but grounded into dust and scattered among the four corners of the wind. For everyone who defends Naru as a character, just ask them some simple questions: how did she recover so quickly? How did she manage to out-power men? And why was she able to survive things nothing else in the film could survive?

The responses will be a smattering of equivocation and justifications that don't hold up under scrutiny, and that's where this film's biggest problem comes in: it doesn't hold up under scrutiny.

Another big problem is that no one seems to be properly afraid of the Predator, even during an era where superstitions were mightily high. Naru shows no fear of anything, even in many life-threatening situations, which seems completely opposite of someone her age. I'm sure someone will justify why, but I would instead point out that this just pulls you out of the film as being nonsensical and unrealistic. Why does this teenage girl have a deathwish and fears nothing? Constantly trying to engage in situations where things are purposely trying to kill her?

A good counterbalance to Naru is the daughter from Shawn Linden's film Hunter Hunter. I didn't like the second half of that film but the first half was brilliant. Why? Because it was grounded, realistic, and intriguing. Also, it was completely believable that the daughter was that good a hunter; we saw how she trained with her father, in a realistic manner. We saw that even with all her training since a small child, she was still prone to mistakes, and how the fight/flight/freeze mechanism came into play when her wits and abilities were put to the test. That's how you pull the audience in and keep them rooting for the character; when they're grounded in realism.

The problem here is that Prey is rife with anachronisms from the modern era. How Naru behaves, how she talks back to everyone, and even how she's depicted in never being afraid of anything (although, to that end, almost no one in the film seems to properly show a realistic kind of fear given their circumstances).

The anachronisms combined with the super-human abilities just takes away from the film, and that's a real shame because if this film was grounded in realism, it actually WOULD be the second best Predator film. Why? Because it's filmed quite well; Trachtenberg knows his way around a lens, and he makes Canada actually look like a pristine northern forest from 18th century North America. Lots of fantastic wide-angle shots and great color composition help give the film a nice, authentic look. Sound design is absolutely on-point, and the score isn't over-done or too nostalgic.

Unfortunately, the film is plagued by too many problems. They should have committed to having the Comanche speaking Comanche throughout the film (as this would have brought the film to another level of quality and authenticity, much like Mel Gibson's Apocalyptico), they should not have had modern-day behaviors that seem mirrored after social media expectations of characterizations, and they should have given Naru realistic feats appropriate for her age, height, and weight, as that would have done wonders.

For me, I was willing to give this film a shot, but the more I watched, and the more I thought about it after watching, the lower the score became. It's essentially a good film marred by its own undoing. A lead character who is depicted as always being right (even the film manages to retroactively throw that in as it progresses), and having her depicted as having super-human abilities, while outmatched and out-manned, just took me completely out of the film. Also in the original Predator, Arnold's character Dutch did ZERO damage to the Predator in their hand-to-hand fight, and Dutch was at the brink of death in just a few hits from his over-sized foe. And none of Dutch's traps worked against the Predator save for a contingency trap that he used after another trap failed. Keep that in mind when watching the final showdown in Prey.

Reviewed by azraell-80149 1 / 10


In the land of make-believe its unbelievable. This is the least entertaining, and most ridiculous of the Predator movies. The main charter has a chip on her shoulder that makes her unlikeable. She goes from entitled Instagram model to an axe-wielding master ninja in just hours. Another of many things that bothered me about this movie was how she instantly understands the technical aspects of alien weaponry enough to use it against the Predator. Really? The story makes no sense. The Predators have always gone after the most dangerous threats, but for some unknown reason, this Predator seems out to get her.

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