The Ritual Killer


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 4.1 10 1260

black magic serial killer

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Plot summary

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March 13, 2023 at 01:05 AM


Top cast

Cole Hauser as Detective Lucas Boyd
Morgan Freeman as Dr. Mackles
Peter Stormare as Captain Marchand
Vernon Davis as Randoku
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Silicone54 2 / 10

GoFundMe me for Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has made millions of dollars over the course of his acting career. When you have this much money and clout in Hollywood you can pick and choose projects dear to your heart. Is the man bankrupt now or does he have a horrible agent or maybe he owes a "favor" to the Italian mafia? Why would he involve himself in this shamefully bad movie?

3 storylines are introduced at the same time. An African witch doctor is on the loose in some Italian city while being chased by Inspector Lavazza. In America, an African studies college professor Mackles (Morgan Freeman) challenges a student to find an absurd social theory so they can discuss in the next class. An unstable detective Boyd (Cole Hauser) executes a pedophile in some hotel room.

All 3 will be connected to the African witch doctor Randoku who is super human that sells his ritual powers to the rich and powerful. This witch doctor is commissioned by some rich dude to gain power so let the mutilations begin!

The plot is not at all intriguing as many variations of it has been done for decades. The only difference is an A-list Hollywood star willing to work in this B movie. Cole Hauser is not a leading man he can barely read lines and work with any emotion without being awkward to watch. There was one scene towards the end when he hugs a woman doctor multiple times for no reason and then gives her a deep sniff that reminded me of a certain US president.

The list of rhetorical questions is long and this is a reminder that if you choose to watch this don't ask any. I really don't know why Morgan Freeman chose to work in this role. If he is hard up for money then start a GFM page and save people the hours lost watching this soul crushing nonsense.

Reviewed by Top_Dawg_Critic 3 / 10

When you skip film school.

Right from the start, I realized this film would be a flop due to the frustratingly amateur-hour directing by George Gallo. The constant back and forth location transitions from Europe to America were poorly executed and edited, and almost every scene screamed inexperienced directing. Gallo also failed miserably to direct his cast effectively, that is seemed like this was Cole Hauser's first ever acting job. His entire tone, demeanor and dialogue was too monotonic. Sure, part blame goes to the actor, but it's the directors job to know when an actor needs to act better or in a certain way. Only seasoned actors like Freeman rarely need cast direction, as he was the only one that was somewhat convincing in his character. Everyone else seemed inconvenienced to be on set.

The next huge disappointment was how three writers couldn't get a fairly decent premise, executed properly. Aside from the writing being cliched and having elements from pretty much every film in this genre with little to no originality, it was the ridiculous ending that the three writers, Bob Bowersox, Francesco Cinquemani and Luca Giliberto gave their viewers. It was by far the laziest, asinine, and idiotic ending I've ever seen. A fifth grade drama class could've done better.

Almost every element of this film - except the score, which was surprisingly fitting, should be examined in film schools on what not to do. It's a generous 3/10 from me, mostly as pity that Freeman has to live with this mess on his resume.

Reviewed by mozmugo 1 / 10

Absolutely Awful

For the people they had on the cast here (as well as for the main plot) this movie is a colossal disappointment. I am only 25 minutes into this movie and I had to pause to write this.

There is absolutely no flow to this. No scene transition. Almost half of the scenes so far don't even make sense when added to the rest.

The actors/ actresses feel like they're reading their lines for a radio broadcast. No inflection or emotion whatsoever.

To cap it off, this is a movie that is about a ritualistic serial killer but the whole thing feels like its trying to pass the PG rating criteria.

The entire scene in the morgue where the guy is describing the injuries to the body but they NEVER SHOW a SINGLE injury or even a glimpse of the body whatsoever. They could have been looking at a chicken sandwich for all we know.

Shame on you for agreeing to this, Morgan Freeman. Shame!

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