Where the Tracks End

2023 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Drama / Family

IMDb Rating 7.2/10 10 437 437

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Plot summary

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pigues 10 / 10

Beautiful film

This film portrayes life in a simple, realistic and moving way.

It is a beautiful story about the importance of teaching, and it develops without oversensitive tricks.

It might seem simple but it is this simplicity which makes it realistic and captivating.

In the movie there are deaths and difficulties which are part of real life, and it shows how characters adapt and deal with life without heroic events.

What is heroic is, as Mrs. Georgina says, "life a good life", and I ended up crying at the end, with some characters leading a good life, others dying too young, and others having the courage to change and do something meaningful.

Highly recommeded, specially if you can see it in the original Spanish version.

Reviewed by the_ado_odyssey 10 / 10

Beautiful joyful, heart breaking and inspiring movie

I really enjoyed watching this movie it's filled with what could be real facts which is what makes it sad, what I liked the most of it was how they managed to focus in the good things in the life of a child who was fortunate to have good guidance from his parents and teacher, and I say fortunate because as we see in the movie not all kids had even that. It's sad to think that this happens in real life but I am glad this story made into a platform like Netflix where many people in this world can see it and get a grasp of what life is in different parts of the world and feel inspired to do good, this movie made me realize that what matters is what you give and the good things you leave in peoples hearts, that's what really matters and not material things.

Reviewed by satksri-92208 10 / 10

Sensitive, Beautiful & True to the core

A simple tale- of kids, their struggling parents, a sincere teacher, and of the harsh realities of a make shift rail-road community. The story is close to life and brings out the best in the characters, despite poverty and inequities of rural life. It captures the wonder and the joy of growing up with friends. Ikal, the child, is brought back to the school as if by fate, where he had all this amazing time; The school needs him. He also meets his childhood love - and effortlessly slips into his new role as a teacher - something he always wanted to do- inspired by his late teacher Ms Georgina.

The unique thing about the movie is- it captures childhood without any hype. It makes no contrived effort to lead the story to a good end. Above all, it inspires the viewer to see GOOD in people and circumstances.

Inspiring Movie.

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